things you should know about gerald

The truth is, I am an ordinary man who has accidentally on purpose enjoys a life that is truly incredible everyday.  I believe in doing what you love. I want to enjoy who I do it with. Come join me! 

living life in a different way

That which is like unto itself is drawn. We all possess a beautiful energy that when shared is spectacular. When I find someone without a smile, I will always share mine. 

who is gerald?

we believe in living everyday as if it were my last day with you. 

How I live

~ I love to say "I Love You" because, if I know you, you know I mean it. 

~ I like positive people, If you are negative, angry and complain about your life or things every time we talk. Our time together will be short. (This goes for calling people names too.). 

~ I am a reformed do-it-yoursefler. I believe in the quality and skill of those better capable of giving me the results I want in things I am not as skilled at doing.